My name is Rachel Wermager and I am a junior magazine journalism and English double major at Drake University. I am highly interested in writing or editing for a magazine as a career. What I bring to the table is great people skills—I am slightly introverted but that does not stop me from working well with others. I am very good at making tough decisions and often become passionate about my work, along with those I work with and for.



Odyssey Editor-in-Chief                                      October 2016—present

Manages team of content creators on Drake’s campus that write and make videos on a weekly basis for the Odyssey website. Is responsible for looking over and editing all the content every week, and also creating own content to be published.


Copy Editor for the Times-Delphic                          August 2016—present

Reads over every article that goes into the weekly paper to check for stylistic and grammatical errors, along with anything that could be deemed problematic in the article.


Spoon University Writer                                      August 2016—present

Writes many kinds of articles pertaining to food for the website within a group of people on Drake’s campus.



Drake University                                             August 2014—May 2018

Junior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa studying magazine journalism and English.



Work very well with others and also under strict deadlines. Good at being a leader, but can also easily follow directions from others. Cares a lot about work and put full effort into everything.