Cute and Cuddly: What Jordan German Looks For In a Guy

If you have four legs, a wet nose, and a tail you will win over Jordan’s heart.

Jordan German still misses Max. He had everything a girl could want; blonde hair, big brown eyes, and a constant interest in cuddling. But, when fostering dogs, the reward comes when a pet finds a loving home. German and her family have been fostering dogs for years, and although it can be tough at times, German’s love for animals makes the experience well worth it.

“It’s kind of like giving away a kid,” German said. “But seeing them go to families that are so excited to have them was pretty cool.” Jennifer German, Jordan’s sister, also spoke of what fostering dogs was like in their house. “It was a blast,” Jennifer German said. “Because of the great experiences we had with dogs like Max, we continued fostering.”

German’s interest in animals started well before her family began fostering dogs, Jennifer German had plenty of stories to share about her sister and her numerous projects pertaining to a plethora of critters. “When Jordan was younger she would bring bugs home from school in her pockets and build habitats for them,” she said. The German family also raised a duckling they had found, and always conducted proper funeral services for wild squirrels and pet fish.

There is a place in German’s heart for practically every type of animal; therefore it only makes sense that she is also a vegetarian. Jennifer German told of how her sister isn’t one to half-ass anything, so German fully commits to what she cares about—that including cute little pigs too. “It has probably been like six years now that I’ve been a vegetarian,” German said. “I think I was in third grade when I told my mom pigs were too cute to eat.” All other animals were soon to follow on German’s list.

Although the German family had such rewarding experiences with fostering, they have done less of it since Jordan isn’t around to help. “Jordan did the dirty work, so we kind of stopped when she left,” Jennifer German stated. German herself told of how she really took charge of fostering. “I was in charge of looking into the potential homes and families for the dogs.” Even though German put a lot of hard work into the process, she still only spoke of how the experience was so beneficial to her.

Max left the German household to be a gift from a son to his father, who was suffering from cancer. German confessed, “I really wish we would have kept him, but he went to a really good person who probably needed him more than I did.”